Sunday, January 22, 2012

Great Weekend

Blake and I had a great weekend!

Saturday, we went to the Brooklyn Museum, which is kind of like Brooklyn's version of the Met.  The building is beautiful, and it is located at the edge of Prospect Park.  My favorite paitings were a few by Missouri artist Thomas Hart Benton.  Blake may be related to Benton through his mother's, father's family, so that makes it a bit more fun.  We asked for a special tour, due to the family relationship and all, but no luck.  :) 

Before coming back to Manhattan, we actually found a good lunch deal... which we determined was the first time we found a "deal" on anything in months!  It was past 4 p.m., but the japanese restaurant let us order the lunch special which included soup, salad, sushi, egg roll and an entree. 

Saturday night was a Knicks game, which was pretty cool.  Neither of us had been to Madison Square Garden before, so simply going to the arena was great.  Our seats weren't awesome, but it didn't really matter.  I hope we get to see another game, or perhaps a hockey match this winter.

This morning, we took care of a chore that I have been dreading... Edie's bath.  When we take her out, she and we are a bit embarrased because all of the other shih tzus are fluffy and well groomed, while Edie's hair is flat and a bit messy.  The problem is, we have no bathtub, and our shower's water pressure isn't good enough to bathe her in the shower (which would also be a bit crazy), so our only option is the kitchen sink or a very expensive trip to the groomer.  We opted for the sink.  Our sink is pretty small, and pretty shallow, and it sits pretty close to the wall, but we made it work.  Edie is now Upper East Side appropriate.

This afternoon, we walked through Central Park to get a late lunch on the Upper West Side.  There are quite a few areas in the Park where kids were sleding, which was fun to see and reminded me that kids who live here can have a semi-normal childhood!  Blake's favorive area of the Park is called the Ramble.  It is basically a forested area with crossing paths and hills.   I enjoyed walking around, and was slightly reminded of the Springfield Nature Center.  To end the afternoon, we got awesome cupcakes at Crumbs bakery.  Yum!

We sold the Jetta this week.  It was a bit sad, but necessary.  The parking tickets and insurance were putting us (further) in the poor house!  Both Blake and I have had cars for ten years, so it feels really strange to not have them now, but I am sure we will find a good use for the money.

Now, to watch the Giants beat the 49ers and go to the Super Bowl! We are coming for you Tom Brady...

I am looking forward to a good week and thinking of all you BKD'rs working those crazy, awful tax season hours.  I don't envy you, but it does bring a solidarity that I miss at my job here in New York.  Hope you all have a great week!


Central Park

Thomas Hart Benton

Thomas Hart Benton
Central Park

Floor in the great room at the Brooklyn Museum

Monet at the Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Bridge at the Brooklyn Museum
Edie's Bath in the sink

The Brooklyn Museum
Madison Square Garden - so big!

The Knicks!
RIP to the Jetta

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday in Brooklyn

Good morning!  Yesterday, Blake and I spent a fun day in Brooklyn. 

I had been wanting to visit the New York Transit Museum since moving, and it was definiely worth the trip.  The museum shows the history of NY subways, buses, "els" and even horse cars.  Pretty cool.  Plus, there were tons of little kids there, and they were so cute!

Then, we walked around Downtown Brooklyn, walked along the water and went to Jane's Carousel.  The carousel has been fully restored and sits in a beautiful glass building overlooking the East River and Downtown Manhattan.  I would recommend to anyone coming to the City.  Plus, DUMBO is a pretty neighborhood to visit.  Ended the day with pizza...always a good dinner!

Wishing all of you a good week. :)


Blake at Jane's Carousel

Jane's Carousel

Me at Jane's Carousel

Original-type subway car - New York Transit Museum

Original-type subway signs - New York Transit Museum
Original-type subway car - New York Transit Museum

Sunset over NY Harbor

Downtown Manhattan via Brooklyn

Monday, January 2, 2012

Our New Home

Happy New Year!  I hope each of you had a great Christmas and New Year.  It is going to be a good 2012, and it is starting with a clean, nice apartment...finally.

The process to get here has been pretty difficult.  Here is a quick run-down:

Day one - I took the train to work from my big, pretty, temporary Brooklyn apartment, and Blake left Brooklyn in the moving truck with his brother and two of my cousins.  All day, I was dreaming of my nice apartment and all my things I had been missing for months.  I even left work a few hours early, ran uptown and couldn't wait to go through the door. 

Then... shock and horror.  Imagine 360 square feet (hard to imagine, I know, but Blake is measuring as we speak) with boxes to the ceiling on almost every inch.  We couldn't even walk around, let alone unpack, sit, eat, sleep, talk.  We spent about six hours just taking things out of boxes and making piles.  By the end of the night, we at least had places to sleep.  I was depressed and needed a drink.

On a side note, Blake had a pretty awful time driving the Budget truck around Manhattan.  He might have hit a few things and had a few minor heart-attacks, but no real accidents.  He claims the blizzard-drive through the Grand Canyon was worse (last year's Thanksgiving, as many of you know), but I don't know after hearing the stories.

Days two-six - Each day, a few more things went into closets/under the bed, a few more things went to Goodwill and a few more things (lots) went to the curb.  Sean, Blake's brother, was with us for this time.   Of course, his help through the process was immeasurable, but this place was not made for three people.  I am sure he was ready to get out of here and back to Missouri!!

Days six-this morning - Everything slowly, but surely, looks like normal.  We took the final boxes to Goodwill and put the last furniture at the curb this evening.  I am so happy with how it all turned out, and so excited for all my friends to see the finished product. 

Love you all! I promise now that the apartment is livable, Blake and I will have more fun things to blog about! 

Living room

New desk and the desk!

"Eat-in" kitchen




Living room/office

Living room


Bedroom - I need more artwork on the left

Hall/"eat-in" kitchen

Living room

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas in New York

Hey everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas.  Blake and I were lucky enough to go to Mexico for Thanksgiving (thanks Scott and Nancy!), but I must admit, I am very glad to be back in New York.  It is so exciting and lively here right now.  After work tonight, I walked around the city and took some pictures of some traditional New York Christmas sites.  This weekend, I hope to spend time walking around and seeing more of the great decorations away from the tourist areas.  Also, this weekend it's time for couch shopping...I have to get into the apartment!!

Also, I wanted to formally congratulate one of my favorite people for the upcoming arrival of her first baby!  I wish I could be around to experience the wonderful, joyful time.  I can't wait to hear more news and see pictures of the sure to be gorgeous nursery.  :)  Also, hopefully, I can be home in May or June to meet the little guy or girl.

All BKD'ers...have fun at Downstream tomorrow. So jealous!

love you all - devin

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Christmas tree

Many of the buildings along 5th Avenue are decorated, along with their window displays.  So pretty!  This is Cartier.

Trump Tower

Empire State Building

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I have the keys!!

It is official, Blake and me have an apartment in Manhattan to call our very own.   Now, I expect each of you to start considering a trip to visit, if only to step in and tell me how crazy I am to spend so much money on so little space! I will take you outside and prove why we are so fortunate...hopefully Blake feels the same when he actually sees the place in December. He put a lot of trust in me! Okay, pictures...sorry, I can't figure out how to place them properly, so they are kind of all over the place.

"Eat-in kitchen"
Living room
Dining area looking into living room
View from the kitchen down the hall - bedroom is on he left

"Huge" closet according to broker

Living room closet

View from bedroom into hall
My dinner tonight was ramen and green beans - buyer's remorse
Small closet in bedroom

Hallway view from dining area

Kitchen.  Good windows all over

Kitchen - look at the dishwasher!!